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Spares and Repairs​

Replacement parts, consumables, Crimps, Continuous Liners, Glass replacement, overhauling and re-validation.

Liner Crimps
Seal & Separate system for continuous liners, BIBO Ports and Safe change liners



Isolator Gloves
Glovebox Gloves
Drybox Gauntlets

Multi Part Sleeves, Adaptors

Hypalon, Latex, Neoprene, Butyl

HEPA Filters
Panel HEPA Filters

H14, Safe Change, Fine Dust, F8, G3 / 4

Isolator Repair
Glovebox Overhauls

Upgrades, Refurbs, Repairs, Modifications

Replacements, Improvements, Reclassification

Isolator Leak Testing
Glovebox Integrity Testing

Positive and Negative to ISO-10648-2

0.25 % to 0.05% per volume

Glove Ports
Glove Ports

HDPE, Acetyl, PTFE & Stainless Steel.

Oval, Round and Elliptical



Safe Change Canister Filters
Canister HEPA Filters

Safe Change, Screw in or Push-Push

Glovebox Service
Site Servicing

Isolator / Glovebox Servicing.

IIntegrity testing, Airflows, Breach, Calibration, Inertion, Modular Functions & repairs

Glovebox Glass
Glazing Replacement

Laminated Toughned Safety Glass

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